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JobStudio Pte Ltd Job Applicant Personal Data Protection Policy

This is the policy of JOBSTUDIO PTE.LTD.when you engage our services, response to our advertisement for job application, register in any our events or participate in any activities in relation to our business function which your personal data may be required by us to be collected from you.

In this policy, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to JOBSTUDIO PTE LTD, its affiliates, and subsidiaries as an entity which is collecting personal data from you or about you.

Personal Data Collection

JOBSTUDIO use personal data to identify a natural person and we collect personal data about you, or any person related to you which are deem necessary for your job application and related to our business operation.

Examples of personal data is not limited to the information required in JOBSTUDIO application form which may include and not limited to information such as your name, nationality, date of birth, sex, contact details address, email address, telephone numbers etc., NRIC, FIN or passport number, photograph, marital status, employment history, health records, character references and testimonials, other declarations and your image on CCTV and in photographs.

If you provide the personal data of anyone else, it will be deem that you have obtained his/her consent to our collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal data for the purposes set out in this policy or that you validly give us such consent on their behalf.

JOBSTUDIO shall seek your consent in writing in the event of a reference check is to be conducted as requested by our client for the position you applied for. Upon endorsement of the consent form and providing JOBSTUDIO with the information of your referees, it will be deem that you have obtained his/her consent to our collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal data for the purposes set out in this policy or that you validly give us such consent on their behalf.

The personal data which will be required as part of our business function and will be collected from you shall be for the following purpose not limiting to:

  • Assessment and processing of your job application
  • Providing advisory and contacting you and in relation of your job application
  • Validation of references provided and conducting background checks
  • Assessing you for other job openings within JOBSTUDIO PTE.LTD
  • Complying with our internal policies and procedures
  • Research purpose such as improving our processes , statistical analysis and policy development in relation to human resource management
  • Any other purposes relating to or arising out of the above

We may disclose the personal data collected from you or about you to third parties, whether located in Singapore or elsewhere, in order to achieve the purposes stated in this policy. Such third parties include and is not limited to:

  • Our service providers, contractors, agents, corporate clients, HR partners etc
  • Regulatory authorities, any statutory bodies or public agencies for the purposes of complying with their respective requirements
  • Medical Organization that conduct pre-employment medical examinations on you

In addition to the data you provide, we may obtain from third parties further data relating to you which is relevant to your potential employment with or through us. In doing so, we may disclose your personal data to such third parties.

We may take photographs or make videos and/or sound recordings in and around our premises. You may be captured in such photographs and recordings and we may use such photographs and/or recordings in our publications, websites and other communication channels, as well as in third party media, or display them in and around our premises and/or the premises of JOBSTUDIO PTE LTD.

CCTV is in operational around our premises for security purposes.

We may also collect, use and disclose personal data where required or permitted by law for any purpose.

In order to achieve any of the purposes referred to above, we may need to transfer personal data outside Singapore. In the event of such, we shall ensure that such personal data is protected to a standard comparable to the protection accorded to personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) of Singapore. In summary, it shall be for the purpose of our business function not limiting to:

  • Collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal data would be for the purpose(s) for which you have given consent
  • Security arrangements made to protect your personal data
  • Your personal data would be retained only if necessary for legal and business purposes; and/or anyone who receives personal data from us is either in a jurisdiction and has data protection laws or is otherwise bound to protect your personal data.
Retention of personal data

We retain personal data via a safe network for a reasonable period in accordance with our legal and business purposes. Personal data obtained from unsuccessful job applicants will usually be destroyed within one (1) year of rejection.

Access to and correction of personal data

If you wish to correct or have access to your personal data, please contact us at pdpa@jobstudio.com.sg. We may charge a reasonable fee for processing a request for access to personal data.

How to contact us

If you have questions or concerns regarding your personal data or any aspect of this policy, please contact us at pdpa@jobstudio.com.sg.

Amendments and updates

We reserve the rights to amend this policy and will make available the updated policy on our intranet site at www.jobstudio.com.sg.The latest version of the policy shall be in force at time of collection.


We exercise due care in complying with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act however we cannot be held liable for any offences that are not committed by us directly or indirectly as a data intermediary .By providing us information, you agree that your application will constitute informed consent to the collection, use, and/or disclosure of personal data by JOBSTUDIO Pte.Ltd.for its business purpose in compliance with the relevant provision of the Personal Data Protection Act.

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